2018, fiction, 21 min, Hungary:

Work in Progress /
Átalakítás folyamatban

Everyone here wants a new pair of boobs or a new butt.
What is it you hate about yourself?


In a dystopian world where being young is the only right way to live, MIMI (65) enters a beauty clinic with a face-lift voucher she got from her husband.
She checks into the former hotel sitting on the shore of an isolated lake, where a whole new world opens up: older women, men, and animals await their transformation.

She attends face yoga classes and prepares for her new face. One afternoon ERNŐ (61), a mysterious male patient asks her for help: he's dying for a pack of cigarettes but he's locked in the clinic. Mimi agrees, and with the help of a cosmic turtle, she becomes a teenager again. Their romantic escape plan turns into a failed date and Mimi realizes that it might not be a plastic surgery what she needs.

Katalin Takács,
János Bán, Júlia Huzella, Nóra Rainer-Micsinyei, Vilmos Vajdai, Bálint Bán

szereplésével / cast

Grosan Cristina

írta, rendezte/writer, director

 Dora Nedeczky


Edit Blaumann


Vanda Gorácz


Zoltán Gelsi

látványtervező/art director

Ágnes Bobor

jelmeztervező/costume designer


12z, Evelin Toth



Visionteam L.O. Kft.: Szirmai Árpád, Rajna Gábor, Faragó Attila

Special Grip Hungary Kft., Török István

Classic-Sound Hangstúdió: Dévényi Tamás

Video Assist Hungary Kft.: Rozgonyi Balázs és Árvai István

Gyártásvezető/production manager: Vodál Vera

Rendezőasszisztens/1st assistant director: Tősér Ádám

Produkciós asszisztens/production assistant: Szalontai Judit

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